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Tattoo Paint
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1oz Black (SKU: TI-101)
1oz Red (SKU: TI-102)
1oz Yellow (SKU: TI-103)
1oz Blue (SKU: TI-104)
1oz Orange (SKU: TI-113)
1oz Hot Pink (SKU: TI-106)
1oz Green (SKU: TI-109)
1oz Purple (SKU: TI-110)
1oz White (SKU: TI-105)

Airbrush Tattoo Supplies

Everywhere you look, you see people with tattoos. When you’re not sure you want something permanent, a fun option is an airbrush tattoo. There are many airbrush tattoo supplies available in our online store so you can get that tattoo for your family, friends or for the night out. Airbrush tattoo designs are available in many of the mainstream tattoo shops, image searches and in a variety of designs and styles.

An airbrush tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body, and look just like the real thing. Your friends and family will be amazed with your new body art. Who will know the difference? Airbrush tattoos can be applied safely and take only a few minutes to put into place using safe tattoo paints and stencils. The spray pattern is fine with almost no over spray, and is so easy to create the stylish body art.

Airbrush tattoos generally last up to 2 days, some lasting as long as 4 days depending on care. Our Professional Tattoo Set and Home Tattoo Set come with a number of stencils, as well as the other airbrush tattoo supplies needed to start tattooing right away.

Opportunities for airbrush tattooing can vary parties, friends and family, personal aesthetics or just fun for the kids. You will find stands set up in major malls, stand alone airbrush tattoo kit parlors, and tattooists have even been contracted to setup at children’s birthday parties, and carnivals are popular locations for these airbrush tattoo kit stands.

Airbrush tattoo supplies are relatively inexpensive, usually costing anywhere from $3.00 to as much as $30.00 depending on the size of the tattoo and location where it is placed. These tattoos are suitable for all age groups, and mom and dad will be especially happy to learn the tattoos are only temporary.

In short, airbrush tattoos are a great alternative:

  • When you’re not sure you want a permanent tattoo.
  • When you want something stylish without the pain.
  • When you want something just for an occasion.
  • When you don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • When you want to see what a particular style will look like before you go permanent.

Many times I’ve heard friends state they thought a tattoo would look much better on them than it turned out to be. An Airbrush tattoo kit is perfect in just a situation, as it will give you the opportunity to see what the tattoo looks like before you commit to the more permanent solution.

Consider trying one of our tattoo system and enjoy many great benifits of airbrush tattoos today. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Below are airbrush tattoo kit and sets which include all the basics to get you started on your temporary airbrush tattoo and body art projects. 

Professional Tattoo Set

Professional Tattoo Set
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Model: PTS-3S
This professional body art airbrush set contains all you need to start your Airbrush Tattoo business. The D3000R is very quiet and mounted on a tank with a Regulator & Moisture Trap. You will also get the (3) VL#3L double action airbrushes, (3) 1oz cover assemblies and (1) 3oz bottle for cleaning. An 8 foot hose is equipped with quick disconnect attachment which allows switching from airbrush to airbrush fast and easy. You also receive (3) 1oz bottles of Airbrush Tattoo Paint (Black, Red, Blue), An Airbrush Hanger & (6) airbrush stencil designs.

Basic Body Art Set

Basic Body Art Set
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Model: BTS-SET
This starter kit contains everything you need to get started.The D500 is small and quiet and comes with an 8 foot braided air hose with couplings.You also get (1) H#3 single action airbrush, (3) 1oz Cover assemblies and (1) 3oz bottle for cleaning.You will also receive (3) 1oz bottles of Tattoo Paints(Black, Red, Blue & White) and (6) Stencil designs.

Airbrush Body Art Set

Airbrush Body Art Set
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Model: TAT-1S
A complete airbrush kit to get you started on your temporary tattoo projects. This kit includes the H#3 single action airbrush, 4 foot air hose, (3) 1oz tattoo paints with airbrush adapters, (1) 1oz airbrush cleaner, (6) Stencil designs and (1) 1oz bottle assembly.

Some Tatoo Stencils

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Airbrush Tattoo Kit | Airbrush Tattoo Supplies
1, Clean the area of skin where you want the tattoo. 2, Choose a tattoo stencil. 3, Position stencil onto the skin. 4, Airbrush though the stencil. 5, Slowly remove the stencil. 6, Your tattoo is complete, lightly dust with talcum powder to prolong tattoos life span. No experience needed, quick and painless, even a child can do it!
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